Executive Director

Greetings: My name is Cheauvon Brown, I’m Justice Now’s Executive Director. I was released from VSPW in 2011. Before my release I worked as a Human Rights Documenter and Peer Trainer for Justice Now from 2006 to 2011. I became their first Legal Advocacy/Social Justice Fellow when returning home. Justice Now sponsored me in 2012 to become a Women’s Policy Institute Fellow and I was a member of their criminal justice team. Today I am a WPI Alumni. I have advocated and lobbied on various bills that effect women inside of the California prison system and those returning into the communities. I am very excited to be back as part of Team Abolition,and to have the position as the Executive Director. I look forward to the great things that we have in store. This is an awesome organization with the drive & passion to assist women in the state of California judicial system with advocacy and the support that they need.


REGINA DEAN, Administrative Coordinator

Regina Dean is a member of our Justice Now team. She is the Administrative Coordinator/Treasurer for the organization.
As a recently incarcerated individual, Regina is aware of the issues that this community faces. She is dedicated to helping the incarcerated community with their needs and issues. Regina believes that every voice needs to be heard and wants to help in the eradication of the prison system.
Regina wants to be of service to the under-served masses in her community and says that she loves to be there for those who may be left behind. She is inspired by the work she is doing because it gives her a sense of purpose and she feels responsible to get the message out there that, “Although we have gone through trials and tribulations, we are still worthy and deserve to be heard.”


DIANA COVARRUBIAS, Prison Legal Services Coordinator

As Prison Legal Services Coordinator Diana provides direct client services. Some of the work Justice Now provides is advocacy regarding Medical care, (navigating the CDCR/CCHCS medical system), compassionate release, and human rights. Diana provides client-centered legal information, resources, and community referrals directly via phone and/or correspondence.
With her experience and knowledge of CDCR Polices, procedures, remedies, and the legal process, Diana began her work at Justice Now as a Legal Advocate Fellow. She follows the mission of Justice Now in serving the needs of incarcerated women of California. Diana is an advocate for change in the prison industrial complex. From the trauma of mass incarceration, to the exploitation of women post-incarceration.

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Staff Attorney

Christine is the newest member of our team and we want to welcome her to the team! She is our Staff Attorney and will provide services to the women we serve in California prisons and returning home with resources and legal assistance.