Radical simply means 'grasping things at the root.'

- Angela Davis


abolition means we must think about Which methods will produce decarceration and the possibility of a landscape where other means are used to address harm, where social problems, such as illiteracy and povery, do not cast numbers of people along a trajectory that leads to prison.



we are in a situation where prison reform and prison development are linked. progress in prison reform has led prisons to become increasingly impermeable to change, building bigger and "Better" prisons. without a radical position, prisons expand.



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law enforcement determines who gets caught and who goes to prison. many people commit acts that, if discovered, would result in prison sentences, but police do not target their communities. It is critical that we reanalyze how "crime" is linked to social structures.



Abolition is the only answer to halt the intensifying transnational development of prison industries. We cannot address the Prison Industrial Complex without recognizing that it is a part of a much bigger set of issues. We cannot overlook the set of interests within the PIC and its punishment of people of color or those in poverty.

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