Summer '17 Interns

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University: Georgetown University

Major: Government and Justice & Peace Studies

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

During Anabel's summer Internship at Justice Now, she assisted people on the inside with direct services, collected and organized data from county jails regarding sterilizations, and began working on a LAW Project chapter about the Felony Murder Rule.  Anabel strongly believes that no one who actually knows how the prison industrial complex operates could be anything short of an abolitionist. Knowledge is power.




University: Missouri State University, Class of  2017

Major: Political Science 

Hometown: Bowling Green, Missouri

Arianna is a recent graduate from Missouri State University. Her interest in direct service, policy work, and social justice led her Oakland, CA in hopes of gaining experience in advocacy. Her passion for ending the PIC stems from personal experience of how prisons destroy lives. So, the internship at Justice Now seemed like a perfect fit. While at Justice Now, she found herself most passionate about advocating for transgender individuals inside. When asked what she gained from interning at Justice Now, her response was, "Too much to even try to encapsulate into words". 


University: California State University Long Beach

Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology 

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Brenda is an undergraduate student at California State University Long Beach majoring in Psychology. She is a Bay Area native and has witnessed to a lot of injustices and discrimination within her own community. Her passion derives from wanting to be part of the solution in efforts to end the PIC, but also being a resource to others going through a difficult time and have limited amount of resources. While at Justice Now she has worked alongside compassionate release candidates, as the co-coordinator of the Justice Now website, and the social media strategist. 



University: Mount Holyoke College

Major: Critical Housing Studies

Hometown: Miami, FL

Isa is an undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke College where they have a self-designed major in Critical Housing Studies. They study gentrification, and focus on how past and present housing policy in the U.S. disempowers communities of color. While at Justice Now, Isa has worked on the Reentry Project, translating the Employment L.A.W. Project chapter into Spanish and transcribing interviews conducted with folks who have gone through the reentry process. She’s also played a role in the development of “Communities Without Policing,” a future L.A.W. Project chapter that analyzes the ways communities stay safe and meet their needs without involving the police, while inside of prison. Here’s a quote that guides their work: “If you hear the dogs, keep going. If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting over you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.” - Harriet Tubman

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University: University of California, Santa Cruz

Major: Community Studies, Anthropology 

Hometown:  Burbank, CA

Magda is a student at University of California, Santa Cruz, doubling majoring  in Community Studies and Anthropology.  She believes in transformative social justice work that empowers those most impacted and vulnerable, bringing her to work with Justice Now.  At Justice Now, Magda is currently working on a Commutation L.A.W. Project Chapter with people in prison to make the commutation process as easy and transparent as possible for those on the inside. In addition, Magda plays a role in the current development of a creative, community led journal called "Off the Record." 



University: University of Washington, Master of Jurisprudence

Hometown: Moraga, CA

MariaJose received a Bachelors of Art from Seattle University and is currently pursuing a Master of Jurisprudence from the University of Washington. At UW Law, MariaJose participated in the International Human Rights Clinic where she advocated for the people held at the Tacoma detention center. It is MariaJose's work at the Clinic that brought her to Justice Now to advocate for women incarcerated in California's prisons and jails



University: Howard University

Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology

Hometown: East Palo Alto, CA

Yvonne is a Bay Area native from East Palo Alto, California, and is currently attending Howard University as a Psychology major. Her family's history with imprisonment is what drew her to abolition work, and her belief in getting free is what keeps her passionate about the work. While at Justice Now, she's mostly worked under the Reentry Project, which involved conducting and transcribing interviews with people that were formerly incarcerated in California women's prisons. She also worked with direct service clients, and assisted with the day to day office work, responding to letters from the inside, attending meetings with coalitional partners, and answering the collect call line. She believes that abolition is critical on this journey towards liberation, and her time at Justice Now has taught her that if we are going to get free, we must keep those that are the most vulnerable at the center of our work.